About US

RiO has been providing top quality commercial lighting products since 1989.

Our innovative technology and designs paralleled with our excellent customer service have propelled us to become one of the leading providers of commercial lighting products today.

Our broad variety of products and technology help create the specific ambiance required for each client’s needs. With a unique and diverse range of products, our brand look and feel separates us from our competitors. Our products are at the forefront of commercial lighting and our skills and expertise help offer comprehensive lighting solutions for the tasks at hand.

With decades of experience we’ve learned that you must be able to set an unparalleled standard of dedication and professionalism for continued success. We work closely with our partners to develop a solution that is perfect for their needs. If there is a specific design or functionality that you would need incorporated we can provide a customized product developed to your satisfaction.

There is an understanding within RiO that we are offering solutions to our clients; we are there to help you achieve your needs. This is a core foundation of RiO’s business philosophy. We do this while earning and building on your trust one step at a time.

Reliable Partner with 30 years production experience

-Responsibility of design
-Resource for innovative commercial lighting

Illumination Excellence without Compromise

-Integration of Light and Life
-Ingenuity of Lighting Design and  Development

Optimization of Optics for Visual Comfort

-Outward Thinking

Low carbon emissions

– Low heat
– Long life
– Lighting for the future

Eco Friendly

-Economically Sustainable